Frequently Asked Questions

If you have more questions about how Alma works, you can always reach out to us!


What types of payment do Alma providers accept?

Providers in the Alma community determine their own policies around payment, including setting their own rates and deciding which insurance(s) to accept. Depending on your budget and insurance, we can help you find a therapist in the community who fits your needs.

Can I use insurance to see my provider?

Many therapists at Alma accept insurance, but not all. Our Client Matching team will work with you to ensure your provider match is in-network. You can also see a list of providers in-network for you and currently accepting new clients by filtering under "Payment Options" in our online directory.

How do I know if therapy is covered by my health benefit?

If you have United Health, Oxford, or Oscar, we can check for you thanks to our partnership with Optum! Otherwise, the best way is to call your insurance company using the number listed on the back of your insurance card. Ask if you have behavioral health benefits as part of your coverage, and if so, what the co-pay/deductible is for a "mental health outpatient visit."

Does Alma schedule appointments for me?

No. All providers in Alma's community schedule their own appointments. If you use our Client Matching service, we will work with you to find the right provider, and the provider will follow-up directly to schedule a phone consultation and first appointment. If you submit your own consultation request through our directory, those requests are routed straight to the provider.

What happens if my consultation request is declined?

If you don't hear back from a provider within 3-4 days, we recommend searching Alma's directory for a different provider that fits your needs. For one-on-one assistance, please reach out to our Client Matching team anytime.

Your consultation may also be declined because you live in a state where we don't currently operate. In this case, someone on our team will reach out via email about joining our waitlist. By joining, you will be the first to know when Alma is available in your area.

Once I confirm my preferred provider, how will I communicate with them?

It's up to you and your provider! Each provider at Alma has their own policies and processes around how they communicate with clients, but most use email and text.

How often will I meet with my therapist? Do I have to meet them every week?

It's up to you and your provider! Many prefer to see their therapist weekly, but you can set a cadence that feels right to you with your provider.

Provider FAQs

Joining Alma

How do I become a member?

Fill out this form and we’ll set up a call with one of our Community Growth Managers to help you learn more about membership and onboarding.

Will I still have full control over my practice? Are there any requirements or expectations once I become a member?

Your practice is your own, and how you run it is always up to you. Because of our membership structure, we’re always focused on how Alma can serve you — not the other way around. As a member, you have control over what your practice looks like, from the number of clients you see each week and the rates you work at, to what type of therapy modality you use. No matter what you decide, we’ll be there to support you in building your best practice.

Does Alma take a cut of my fee from visits with cash-pay clients?

No. We charge a monthly fee for membership that gives you access to all of Alma’s benefits. The income from your cash-pay clients stays with you.

What if a client consultation isn’t a good fit?

That’s where our Client Matching team comes in. Regardless of the circumstance, if a client isn’t a good fit for your practice, our Client Matching team will step in to connect them with another provider in the Alma community.

What if I get referrals outside of Alma?

Alma is designed to support your entire practice. We’ll support you in taking care of all your clients whether they come to you through Alma or not.

Will I be required to take insurance?

We designed Alma’s insurance program to be easy and financially rewarding for our members, but joining the program is not a requirement. We believe in giving our members full autonomy over their practice, and that includes determining which payment options you accept and which clients you choose to see.

Can I join Alma if I'm working under supervision?

Yes! Licensed providers who are practicing under supervision are more than welcome to join Alma. We cannot help members find a clinical supervisor at this time, but we hope to offer this in the future. Supervisors are not required to join Alma.

Unfortunately, pre-licensed providers who are logging supervision hours in order to receive their license do not qualify for Alma membership. You must be fully licensed to join.

Alma’s Insurance Program

What if I’m already credentialed with Optum and Aetna?

Everyone who joins Alma’s insurance program needs to be credentialed under Alma’s Tax ID, regardless of their current individual credential status.

If I’m already credentialed with Optum and Aetna and seeing clients in-network, can I continue seeing them through Alma’s insurance program?

Yes! Once you’ve been credentialed under Alma's Tax ID, you can move all your eligible Optum & Aetna clients into Alma's insurance program. You’ll get access to our enhanced rates for all of your clients, and we'll take care of all the admin so you can focus on your practice. And because your clients won’t need to create an account with Alma to continue seeing you, it's easy to transition them over.

Can I join Alma’s insurance program with a limited license?

No. In order to take part in Alma’s insurance program, all providers need to be fully licensed.

Is there an additional fee to join the insurance program?

Our insurance program is included with your Alma membership, which means that every member can take advantage of it free.

Is there a requirement for how many clients I see through insurance?

No. How many insurance clients you take on is entirely up to you. Our mission is to simplify access to affordable mental healthcare, and being able to help one client through our insurance program makes a difference.

How are copays processed under the program?

Alma collects all copays and coinsurance from any of your insurance clients through our own invoicing system. The only time providers would need to invoice an insurance client directly is to collect payment for a cancellation or missed visit, should that be a part of your practice’s cancellation policy. Keep in mind that you will be responsible for ensuring your clients complete their invoices and will be notified if any have overdue invoices.

Will telemedicine continue to be covered under Alma's insurance program?

Yes! Telemedicine has and will continue to be covered under the same reimbursement rates as in-person therapy.

If I decide that I don’t want to be in-network through Alma anymore, can I opt out?

Of course! Our team just needs 30-day notice in order to transition you out of our insurance program.

What happens if I decide to leave Alma entirely?

In the event that a member leaves Alma, any clients they began working with through Alma would stay with them. If that member was already credentialed with Optum and Aetna before joining Alma, they’ll retain their in-network status, but if they were credentialed via our insurance program, they would no longer be considered in-network.