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Why they came to Alma

“Finding a therapist is really hard, and other websites I found just weren’t working for me, especially when I was trying to find an in-network provider.”

How we helped

“Alma made the experience so easy – I could easily sort on what was most important to me and see which providers were in-network for me and taking new clients.”

Why they recommend

“Alma made the process of finding and getting care so easy and streamlined. Both my provider and I feel supported, which allows us to focus on the care.”

Why they came to Alma

“I was actively looking for a new therapist when I found Alma and the Client Matching experience. Turns out it was a night and day difference from other experiences.”

How we helped

“With Alma, the experience of finding a therapist was night and day different. I felt comfortable, heard, and empowered to find the right provider for me.”

Why they recommend

“Because being able to choose your provider makes all the difference. Instead of being assigned someone who ‘has all the answers,’ with Alma, you get to be a collaborator in your own wellness.”

Why they came to Alma

“I’m already anxious. The thought of trying to find a therapist only contributed to that.”                                                                       

How we helped

“Alma took a lot of the anxiety and stress out of the equation. I was able to easily sort the directory, and the provider profiles were so helpful in giving me a sense of their energy and approach.”

Why they recommend

“With Alma, you get access to so much information upfront to help you make a decision about which provider might be right for you.”

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have more questions about how Alma works, you can always reach out to us!

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What types of payment do Alma providers accept?

Providers in the Alma community determine their own policies around payment, including setting their own rates and deciding which insurance(s) to accept. Depending on your budget and insurance, we can help you find a therapist in the community who fits your needs.

Can I use insurance to see my provider?

Many therapists at Alma accept insurance, but not all. Our Client Matching team will work with you to ensure your provider match is in-network. You can also see a list of providers in-network for you and currently accepting new clients by filtering under "Payment Options" in our online directory.

How do I know if therapy is covered by my health benefit?

If you have United Health, Oxford, or Oscar, we can check for you thanks to our partnership with Optum! Otherwise, the best way is to call your insurance company using the number listed on the back of your insurance card. Ask if you have behavioral health benefits as part of your coverage, and if so, what the co-pay/deductible is for a "mental health outpatient visit."

Does Alma schedule appointments for me?

No. All providers in Alma's community schedule their own appointments. If you use our Client Matching service, we will work with you to find the right provider, and the provider will follow-up directly to schedule a phone consultation and first appointment. If you submit your own consultation request through our directory, those requests are routed straight to the provider.

What happens if my consultation request is declined?

If you don't hear back from a provider within 3-4 days, we recommend searching Alma's directory for a different provider that fits your needs. For one-on-one assistance, please reach out to our Client Matching team anytime.

Your consultation may also be declined because you live in a state where we don't currently operate. In this case, someone on our team will reach out via email about joining our waitlist. By joining, you will be the first to know when Alma is available in your area.

Once I confirm my preferred provider, how will I communicate with them?

It's up to you and your provider! Each provider at Alma has their own policies and processes around how they communicate with clients, but most use email and text.

How often will I meet with my therapist? Do I have to meet them every week?

It's up to you and your provider! Many prefer to see their therapist weekly, but you can set a cadence that feels right to you with your provider.


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